When building your own DIY music box you have to choose from a plethora of different options in terms of both hardware and software. In the first article of the series on my DIY music box I will focus on my thought process on the selected hardware.

After trying most of the available music player softwares I ended up choosing Volumio. It's installation and configuration is mostly straight-foward. Some of the features on my requirements list needed some extra work. Here is an executive summary of what I did.

Having both MPD access and the web interface to control your Volumio instance is nice but to me there is one major drawback: you must carry a second device (e.g. mobile phone) with you, always. Even if you just want to change the volume or skip to the next track: you need to fumble around with a separate device. Thus, I extended my original plans for the music box to enhance it with a small touch display. Fortunately, the Raspberry Pi platform provides all you need for a simple yet efficient solution.