The CityTrafficSimulator update to version 0.6-5 is now online and brings a neat new feature: network layers.

The new Network Layers tab allows to define an arbitrary number of layers for your road network to allow grade separation. Once the layers are defined you can assign them to your nodes in the Connection Setup tab.
Attention: In contrast to the other settings in this tab (which are per-connection settings) the network layer is a per-node setting. When connecting two nodes on different network layers, the connection in between will internally be handled as being on both layers.

Intersections are only calculated between connections that share at least one network layer - line changes are only calculated between connections which share the same network layer. This allows to easily setup grade separation. The visibility flag sets whether the corresponding nodes and connections shall be rendered or and thus allows to optionally reduce visual cluttering.

The other changes of this release further improve the intersection handling and yielding behavior and bring some minor fixes.