After the recent hiatus of work on my software I am glad to annouce that there is a new major update of CityTrafficSimulator. Version 0.7 not only fixes some bugs but also introduces some new features for both simulation setup and the user interface.

The main goal for this release was the reproducibility of the traffic simulation, meaning that the outcome of a scenario is more specific and can be repeated under the exact same conditions to better analyze specific situations.Therefore, the Simulation Setup was adapted where I added new controls for setting up the simulation duration and the seed for the random number generator as well as the reset button which completely resets all internal data and restarts the simulation from the beginning.

As new network element stop signs were introduced, which can be assigned to nodes, same as with traffic lights. A stop sign will let approaching vehicles come to a full stop in front. Keep in mind that a possible yielding behavior behind has to be deliberately setup by the corresponding connection priority.

The recent versions already offered visualizing the average velocity of the vehicles on connections (Statistics checkbox on Render Setup tab). Version 0.7 takes this one step further and also allow to apply the same color mapping to the current velocity of each vehicle (Velocity Mapping checkbox). Then the vehicle's fill color is determined by the color map and the vehicle's outline color will be red, orange or green depending on whether the vehicle is fully stopped, braking or accelerating. Furthermore, the applied color map is now fully user-customizable.

Finally, I added some features for convenience: The main window setup (state, size, position) is now persisted as well and the render- and simulation setup is stored within the network files.

For a full list of changes please refer to the Changelog.